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Digital marketing had taken over the web, completely upending traditional methods of connecting with buyers.

This shift was driving companies around the globe to rethink their strategies. Brands started thinking more like publishers and traditional publishing itself was evolving.

The Evolution of Industries

Disrupt or Be Disrupted

With the awards stacking up on the shelves and doing nothing really, I decided the next move would be to start my own publishing business, in the midst of disruption happening everywhere. I felt like printed content would be a good bet and after I started, everything went smoothly from there and I started rolling in money. Pffft. Yeah right. Looking back, I know as well as you do now, how stupid that was.

Content Publishing.
But Not As You Know It.

I rolled up my experience and launched ALSOF as a print-on-demand book publishing company, for brands and celebrities to position themselves as credible thought leaders and authorities in their fields of expertise. A book is a great business card. But that's all it is in most cases.

I knew that relationships and storytelling were at the crux of the human experience, and the driving force behind almost every decision. In fact, we published a couple of really great books. But the novelty of book publishing wasn't enough to keep a business afloat. Not with eBooks and audiobooks taking centre stage.

I suppose it became bleedingly obvious that I needed to do what I do best and create advertising, sales and marketing strategies for businesses online. Can you feel a pivot coming?

The Pivot

After being forced into accepting that the future was in digital, not print, I took the obvious step of switching to publishing ebooks, blogs and online content. 

The payoff was immediate. By client demand, ALSOF expanded services to include video and visual content. We partnered with companies in Jakarta, the Ukraine and Israel. Our team and vision was growing, and so was the revenue.

Our Work

Trouble in Paradise

But without warning, the dreaded moment of many an entrepreneurial story struck, leaving me and ALSOF at near-quitting point. Just as business had begun spreading and looking up everything came crashing down.

To make it worse, I was settling in to new fatherhood when we lost two of our biggest clients. Bummer. It left the company in cashflow hell, and me questioning whether this was the final breaking point. The inevitable question arose: was it time to pack it in and get a job?

Hell No.

I couldn’t shake the belief in what we had started and the vision of what I knew digital marketing could deliver to businesses of all sizes. I gritted my teeth, took a big fat dose of man it up, and kept going.

I’d like to tell you that something miraculous happened next. I’d like to tell you that an amazing twist of fate brought me a game-changing client. But that …oh wait. That really did happen. That same month we landed a beast of an account, Oporto and Red Rooster – two large national fast food brands. We started carving off large slices of their digital marketing. Then, we also landed a deal with the Bible Society Australia, another big account. Heck, we even received a government research and development grant for a digital marketing system we developed. I guess miracles do happen.

Business Strategy. I Get It.

Initially, I launched ALSOF Publishing to put my skills and experience to better use in the digital arena. After my career in traditional advertising, I knew the timing was right as scary as it was. It was A Little Step of Faith – hence the name. Don’t laugh. Anyway, within 12 months, I’m pleased to say the agency went from startup, to being named by HubSpot International as being Asia Pacific’s New Agency of the Year – garnering a coveted award at the international Inbound conference held annually in Boston.

Inbound Marketing


Social Media Marketing


Content Writing




I’m now writing the next part of the journey and I’d love you to be a part of it.

In an ever increasing gig economy, where anyone can order anything to be done online, it is becoming increasingly obvious that expertise and experience are increasing in value. Even whilst the ‘doing’ is decreasing in value. I want to work with businesses who have a story to tell. With business owners who don’t want to make the mistakes I did, and who know they need to get their Sales and Marketing cleaned up if they’re going to compete. I’m here to be your growth strategy consultant.

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