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Does your marketing cut through the noise online?

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Everything is ‘digital’ now. It’s inescapable.

In your industry, I know you know this. But the problem with that is, ‘digital’ (especially where the internet is involved) is extremely noisy.
This isn’t new news. What has happened over the last couple of years is humans have adapted. We’ve learned to zone things out and our subconscious does what our subconscious does best, and cuts out all the noise, right?

This is exactly how ‘mind-share’ became an actual thing. What is mind-share? It is the portion of your customer (and potential customer) attention you brand owns. How much are you at the front of their mind?

These days, to be doing any kind of marketing, is to be competing for people’s attention. As they’re going about their digital lives online and semi-offline (but still connected), what we’re essentially doing as businesses, and marketers, and CEOs, and salespeople, is competing for mindshare.

You’re competing for attention.

But here’s the trick. I’ll give you a little shortcut to winning this competition. If you can go straight to their heart, that’s what’ll end up winning, and trumping everything else. I think David Ogilvy said back in the day that “if you show me the heart of a man, I can sell him anything”. It’s a little bit creepy today, but it still stands true. Look at Fyre Festival as a perfect example of that. If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary, I recommend you do.

The Fyre Festival event organiser guys went from zero to world-melting in the space of a week. It was just pure marketing. Obviously, the operations were a massive fail because the expectation that came versus the reality of Fyre Festival was a complete disaster. Yes, they didn’t deliver, but the point is, from a marketing point of view, it was brilliant execution.

My question to you is, what do you say in your marketing that triggers the primal desires of your buyers?

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Making Business Evolution, Business as Usual

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When it comes to observing the rate of change, nobody knows it best like a business owner. New companies in your industry spring up overnight and the revolutionary products of last year or the year before, are now old news. Companies that don’t integrate their technologies and keep them best-in-class are rendered obsolete as the market out paces them.

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