Don’t Abdicate The Marketing Throne

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A lot of business owners that I speak to, particularly clients of mine in the Marketing Bootcamp that come in, I find that there is a very common thread…

And that thread is they’ve all had a bad experience with an agency or a marketing guru of some sort.

If you’ve got somebody that’s going from bad relationship to bad relationship over and over again, eventually, you must ask yourself, “Maybe it’s not just the other person in the relationship that’s to blame? Maybe there’s something that could be fixed?”

It’s just like that with marketing and working with a marketing agency.

And the fear that ends up coming out of having this experience is that, “Everybody’s out to trick me. All marketers can’t be trusted.”

Marketers get thrown into the same category as lawyers and accountants (and sorry if you’re a lawyer and accountant, I’m a marketer, so let’s just say it as it is here, okay?).

Except with marketers. Marketers are not a fact of life.

Lawyers and accountants, in business, they’re a fact of life. They have to be around and so you end up seeking out the best lawyer and best accountant that money can buy ñ that your money can buy. That you trust.

And marketing is the same… But the reason why the relationship breaks down is because when you get a lawyer and accountant, you’re not telling them how to be a lawyer or an accountant.

That is a recipe for disaster.

What ends up happening is, when you have a lawyer and accountant, they work for you. You need to be able to lead the conversation.

Tell them the outcome that you want, and not delegate all of the thinking.

You delegate the stuff that you can’t do because you’re not skilled or you haven’t been trained in it but that doesn’t mean you abdicate your brain.

And, you know, it works the same for marketing.

I find a lot of business owners (and you’ve probably been guilty of this too) you delegate the thinking. You abdicate the thinking.

I mean, could you imagine if you abdicated the thinking in your sales or your conversions or in your product? You would never do that.

You wouldn’t leave that to a third party. No, no!

So, the thing that I find is the issue is you’ve thought of marketing as “set and forget.”

You’ve had no idea what’s going on behind the scenes, and eventually the relationship withers and dies because it doesn’t have your attention.

So, I have this tool in the marketing bootcamp that I use with our clients and it’s called the C.L.A.P.S. Project Plan. It goes through all of the different stages of running a campaign and a project and it very clearly spells out:

  • What should be owned by the business owner.
  • What needs to be delegated in the build.

That way, everybody’s clear right from the beginning.

Before you even try to tell somebody how to work alongside you, you yourself need to be clear on what your brand is and what it stands for. That is the bedrock of all marketing.

But do you know that most businesses don’t even have their brand persona locked down?

They don’t even know what their brand persona is. Kinda hard standing out in a noisy marketplace if you don’t know your unique differentiator.

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