No ‘Ting’: Finding the Missing Piece in Your Business

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I come from a big agency background.

Back in the day, we made TV ads, multi-million dollar campaigns, billboards, radio – all that stuff before the digital era came about.

And there’s one thing that stood out to me from those days that I found exceptionally valuable and helped me stand out amongst other digital marketers and agencies today…

It’s the concept of ideas having a ting sound.

Now that’s really weird, right? Because ideas are so airy and waffley. It’s hard locking down what an idea actually is.

But, back in those days when we brainstormed a creative idea for a campaign, the test is: “Does it sound like a ting?”

Let me try and explain this.

You can tell a really good quality piece of glassware when you pour wine in it…

When you tap the edge with a teaspoon and it makes a ‘tock’ sound, it’s probably plastic.

If it makes a ‘thung’ sound, it’s probably glass – but not the best quality of glass.

The best quality crystal has a very sharp, crisp, ting sound.

And a great idea has that quality.

The problem is, when you’re running a business, you’re so busy doing so many things that your head is actually kind of muddy and cloggy.

Your ideas sound more like a glug than a ting.

There’s so much stuff that you’re trying to cram in there and you feel like you’re on your own trying to figure this thing out.

If you leave your unique and special ideas that have a crystal sharp quality too long with ideas that are less significant, you start to feel like you’re losing your passion.

We started this business to feel like we are creating something unique and of value.

A business that is as crystal clear and unique as we are as human beings because we build it out of our own dreams, hopes, personality, ambitions and ideas.

And so we want it to have that ting quality. And when we don’t have it, we start to lose passion.

If it’s left too long, we even start to hate our own business.

Now human beings are pretty smart, right?

We’ve got some sort of radar if people aren’t really clear on what they’re trying to say and on who they are. We can sense that.

I mean, you call it the bullshit radar, right?

So, how do you get around the bullshit radar as a business owner?

You need to build a brand that has a value radar.

Make sense?

You get around the bullshit radar by coming in on people’s value radar.

Value radar is a tool that I’ve actually created for the Marketing Bootcamp.

It’s exceptionally powerful for business owners because it really gets you closed in on:

  • Your why.
  • Your what.
  • Your how.

Before you can even communicate value, you need to be clear on what your brand is and what you stand for.

People need to understand who your brand is. Not just what it is.

And so I’ve created a guide called the Brand Persona guide and it is going to take you through developing and identifying your brand personality.

Read it because it contains what you need to recover the missing ting in your business.

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