How to Generate Leads from Customers

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If you look at digital marketing, it can be like drinking from a fire hose.

So much information, so many experts, so many gurus.

Here’s the thing, I will be asking you questions…

I encourage you not to ignore the questions.

Stop, write it down, think about it, and finally, forget.

Forget every agency experience that left a bad taste in your mouth.

Forget all the books that you’ve read.

Forget all the webinars and podcasts that you’ve watched and listened to.

Because this is about finding a new way to think about marketing and unpack the expertise that you already have about your business.

Nobody knows your business like you.

Forget about all those distractions. Right now, let’s just think about you and what you know in your business.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

Too Busy Finding New Leads? Don’t Abandon Your Past Customers!

I was working with a client in our Marketing Bootcamp course, and this client sells fine jewelry.

Would you believe that after the first sale of that piece of jewellery, they never again talked to that customer?

Never again spoke to them.

No repeat purchase.

No customer lifetime value.

It was just one transaction.

Obviously, it was a special occasion that most of their customers would buy for.

That means that if over the space of five years, a customer might buy a piece of fine jewellery, let’s say even a small one, they could double their revenue.

The thing is the systems weren’t in place to think about lead generation in that way.

They were just thinking about new people coming in through the door, make a purchase, and then out we go finding more people.

This particular client, they had a CRM.

They had a database, but their database of previous customers had no follow-up automation.

There was no kind of process where after they purchase, say 30-60 days after that purchase or perhaps come Valentine’s or Christmas, we follow up with another offer.

They were working so hard to get new customers every single time.

There was no strategy in place to create more revenue out of people who they had already met and transacted with.

This particular business was doing really well previously. They were an industry leader actually.

But the thing is they were missing out on a huge opportunity.

If you look at the opportunity cost, they could have doubled, tripled or quadrupled their revenue over the space of several years using the exact same customers, and not changing anything else.

They were getting pretty stressed about finding new leads.

But really, the problem wasn’t about finding new leads.

It was about creating new opportunities out of existing customers.

Creating new leads out of the existing customers – referrals, word of mouth, and repeat purchase.

We put in a simple automation system; really, really simple, with follow-up emails.

What do you think happened to revenue?

People started coming back and purchasing more.

They trafficked to their websites and started seeing more repeat visits.

People coming back and transacting again and again and again.

That had a direct impact on the top line.

This is the reason why I really wanted to share this with you.

There are so many stories like this that I encounter over and over again.

It makes me think of what other simple, really quick wins that you could be missing in your business that doesn’t require some big, complicated strategy or to hire in-house expert marketers and blow the budget.

That’s why I love doing this with business owners.

Often, we overcomplicate marketing and assume that it needs to be this great, big, sophisticated complexity of a machine.

But a lot of the times, we’re missing some pretty quick wins.

We’re missing some very simple things.

If only somebody gave you the frameworks for you to be able to think through what to consider and asked you the right questions, you’ll most likely be successful.


Because nobody really knows your business like you.

Nobody knows your customers like you.

Could you relate to that story of not really knowing what opportunities are lying right under your nose?

Have been looking at marketing in an old-fashioned kind of way?

Getting Referrals & Finding Lookalikes of Your Best Customers

Let’s talk about referred leads for a second.

In your existing database, how many of your customers or clients would you say are absolute fans?

Given the opportunity, they are quite likely brand ambassadors. They are out there telling people about your products and services.

How many of your customers or clients would do that if they were simply asked to?

Okay, real talk.

Business owners, we get super busy a lot of the time.

Many times, we’re wearing way too many hats.

What that means is when we think about marketing or what opportunities lie in front of us, it starts to get a little bit overwhelming.

There are so many things to consider, so many things to try.

One of the solutions that we have to solve this who’s-going-to-build-it marketing question is a gang called Automation Agency.

They’re not really an agency. They’re just task-doers when it comes to marketing.

Every time I submit a task to them, they do it and they complete it, and there are three emojis.

When I tick the task off as done, they have a sad face, a medium face and a really happy face.

You might have seen something like this before. It’s very similar to an NPS (Net Promoter Score, if you’re not familiar with that term).

Every single time I click the happy emoji, they say, “Don’t forget to shower the designer or the developer with praise, when you tick that smiley face.”

I’m constantly reinforcing my passion for this business, because I’m constantly going, “I love it! Great work! Well done!”

The fact that I’m openly sharing about a business that I have no part in and don’t get referrals and commissions from just shows you how powerful it is that referral marketing for them has been planned.

They have thought about, “How do we reinforce the fact that when a customer is happy, they’re really happy?”

They’re starting to think about:

  • “Who can we share our brand and services and success with?”
  • “Who can we share these success stories with?”

Imagine, if they asked me to share and to tell my friends about their service, would I do it?

Of course, I would.

I would love to because I’m a good friend, which means that good friends solve their friend’s problems. They get their friends out of trouble.

If I see a friend or a colleague or a client in trouble with their marketing, of course, I’m going to share it.

Here’s the thing, how many people would share success stories that they’ve had with you with others?

If you only asked.

Now, there are two ways to do this.

  • There is the direct asking way.
  • And there is some digital magicary way.

Let’s start with the first. I mentioned NPS before.

If you haven’t done an NPS survey, it’s simply asking your customers, “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely would you be to refer us to a friend?”

If they’ve given a score of 9 or 10, they’re more than a customer.

They are now an evangelist, which means you can ask a second question, “Who could you share us with?”

You might even incentivize it with a discount or a promotion or a friend-get-friend offer.

That way, you’re boosting the referrals and you’re orchestrating it – not just sitting back, crossing your fingers and hoping it happens.

(By the way, there are some great apps that can help you orchestrate and automate this. Apps like KingSumo does this really well.)

If you’re feeling sheepish about asking people to refer you, there is another way that Facebook provides you to be able to reach customers just like them.

Now, this isn’t strictly speaking referrals, but it’s a tip that I couldn’t resist sharing.

Facebook may not be the place where people do business, but it is the place where people hang out all the time. That includes other business owners and your potential customers.

Here’s what you do:

Create a CSV of everyone who is a customer – and even better, if you can, everyone who gave you a net promoter score of seven or above.

You take that CSV and you upload it to Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook doesn’t just live on Facebook. (I hope you know that!)

Facebook lives on every website you visit because it’s a data-gathering machine.

They know:

  • Behaviours and trends.
  • What types of people tend to do certain things.
  • How many ads they click on.
  • What interests they have.
  • What videos they like to watch.

What this means is that your current customer list has a specific behavioural profile that Facebook would know about.

You upload that CSV to Facebook, and Facebook will detect the behavioural patterns for everybody on that list.

Then, you tell Facebook to make you a Lookalike Audience.

What that does is it finds a million other people that are just like your best customers.

I’m giving you two little tricks there.

  • The first is how to orchestrate a referral program.
  • The second is if you’re feeling a little bit sheepish about asking for referrals, there are still ways to find people just like your customers on Facebook.

Mind you, you can also do the exact same thing on LinkedIn and Google ads.

Here’s How It Works

I did this recently for a client of mine in real estate. They had a userbase for this real estate app that they have.

This app does phenomenally well. It’s winning a lot of awards.

But do you know they were cold calling real estate agencies to come in and do a demo with them?

Their current database had so many people in there that love the app, and were just sleepers.

We launched an NPS survey, and we got the net promoters.

The net promoters were incentivized with discounts to go ahead and invite other real estate agents that they knew to use the app, and it spread like wildfire.

We also did the same thing on Facebook. That little tip that I told you. We took the CSV of all of their customers and we upload it to Facebook.

Facebook found hundreds of thousands of other real estate agents all over the country.

The great thing with it being an app is that they never needed to meet somebody in person.

So the people from Facebook who saw the ad could sign up to a demo, live, online, really, really quickly.

Their customer base grew like wildfire.

Now, they could have done “business as usual” and continue to work harder and harder to reach out to new prospects; without really realizing the opportunity that was in their hand already.

Businesses tend to do this for three reasons.

One, they don’t know what they don’t know.

Two, there’s no database.

They don’t have a CRM to be able to track NPS scores effectively, because their database is in the tens and tens of thousands, and spreadsheets just aren’t going to work.

The whole system is going to break if you try to do an NPS survey.

The third thing is that they’re just too busy.

Over to You

Let’s talk about you.

Which one of these mistakes are you guilty of making?

Right now, you have two options:

  • Continue doing it the old way, which is not looking for referrals from your current customer base.
  • Do it the new way.

In fact, I can design a process around it where I’m beginning to ask for referrals right at the very beginning of a conversation.

Referrals don’t even just have to be word of mouth.

You could be asking for reviews on Google, Capterra (if you’re in the software niche), or any other number of places.

Know where your audience and prospective customers live, work, visit, and read.

You could be there with reviews and referrals.

Coming back to creating marketing success and moving away from this marketing stress.

Maybe you’re stressing out about the wrong thing.

Maybe there’s an opportunity right under your nose with referrals.

Whenever you’re ready… here are 2 ways I can help you grow your business:

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